Thursday, 9 May 2013

Saul Bass inspired 'A weekend at Bernie's' film poster

Today at college, we had the challenge of creating a poster in the style of the famous Saul Bass! We were each given a film to base our poster on. I was given 'A weekend at Bernie's', a film that I have not yet seen. It was released in 1989 and starred Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy.
As I had never seen this film, I watched some clips on YouTube and found it was hilarious...why have I not seen this! It's definitely one to watch and I will be very soon!
Anyway, I used the idea of the character that is 'Bernie' being a 'puppet on strings', as he is dead the two main characters have complete control over his movement.
The style of Saul Bass was so interesting to research, he is now definitely one of my favourite designers! I loved to design in his style with such a limited colour palette, it really does give the poster such a 'stand-out' look!
So here is my version and take on the amazing Saul Bass design style...

Learn 2 Teach logo up and running!

So here is my 'Learn 2 Teach' logo on their website! Can't believe they actually chose mine! If you guys want to go and have a look the site is It also features a photograph of myself and some college peers!